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Cherokee Street Elementary School

Special Area Classes



Physical Education with Mr. Hafner, Mr. Nelson and Ms. Cohen

In Physical Education, we strive to create a safe atmosphere for students to enjoy physical activity and games with their classmates. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation of skills and knowledge for students to build on in the future. Students should enjoy their time in PE, be active and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Our physical education program is focused on teaching healthy habits and activities to prevent students from living a sedentary lifestyle that leads to obesity and other related illnesses.

Our lessons are developmentally appropriate to allow each student and class the opportunity to be successful. The lessons are created to teach physical and cognitive skills, while regularly including a quality character education theme.



We want all students to fully participate in a safe environment with appropriate attire. This is a responsibility we try to teach our students with the help of their parent or guardians.

  • Wear appropriate shoes with proper ankle support.

No boots, Uggs, wheelies, sandals, slippers, crocs, etc.

  • Do not wear jewelry on physical education days.

No necklaces, bracelets, watches, hanging earrings, etc.



Sports Club

Our sports club is a great way for students to compete and be active with their classmates.

We have over 140 members who participate in at least one of the following activities:

Four Square // Basketball // Team Handball // Hockey // Soccer

CS 1

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General Music with Mrs. Isleman and Ms. Scrom

CS 12
"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."

- Ludwig van Beethoven

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready to learn new things! I believe music is a great tool to teach cultural diversity, while providing a hands on learning experience. In the music classroom we will learn many songs from different cultures. Students will learn by playing on instruments, singing, and dancing. Through performing these songs, we will learn about many traditions and customs from around the world!


CS 13


Why we learn music?

- Music involves all subjects including math, art, science, literacy and history.

- It is physical and makes us move

- It is abundant and always around us

- We connect and reflect

- It is something every child can succeed in, and is fun to do

- Music is life -

CS 14

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Art with Mrs. Bonica & Ms. Kincaid

Cherokee Art Program

The Visual Arts program at Cherokee is designed to provide children with opportunities for self-expression, inventiveness, skill and aesthetic awareness. Students will have developmental experiences in the creative process of drawing, painting, collage and sculpture. Artistic process, art history, multiculturalism and interdisciplinary lessons are incorporated within the Visual Art curriculum. As an art teacher, I believe that every child has an inherit artistic voice that can flourish when nurtured.

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Band and Orchestra

Please check out the Band and Orchestra links to find out more information about these programs.


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